Pastor Emeritus Grant and Missionary Christine Stevenson

Pastor Emeritus Grant Stevenson, Sr.  was born on February 14, 1937, in Nashville, TN. Pastor Emeritus Stevenson was introduced to holiness by a friend in 1956 and later accepted an invitation to attend King’s Temple Church of God in Christ where Elder Curry Derrickson served as Pastor. Pastor Emeritus was filled with the Holy Ghost in September 1959, and shortly thereafter, accepted his call to the ministry. At the age of 21, he was united in holy matrimony to Ms. Christine Riley.


In 1971, Pastor Emeritus was called to lead the Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ in Allgood, TN.  In addition, he built a new sanctuary in Livingston, TN, where he then became the shepherd of Faith Temple Church of God in Christ.  Leading two congregations was an awesome assignment for which God equipped Pastor Emeritus Stevenson to fulfill.  He worked and served faithfully in this capacity until the Lord directed his Jurisdictional Prelate, the late Bishop Audley King, to send him to Clarksville, TN, as the newly appointed pastor of Greater Faith Temple Church of God in Christ. The Lord worked there miraculously through his ministry for the next 16 years.


In 1988, God lead and inspired Pastor Emeritus Stevenson to found the Greater Harvest Church of God in Christ of Nashville, TN. Having enlarged his territory, God has blessed this ministry to become more widespread as a “City of Refuge” – especially to the Nashville Community – for those in need of spiritual blessings, salvation and healing for the soul, mind and body.  Many souls have been won to Christ through the winning efforts of Pastor Emeritus Stevenson and the Greater Harvest church family.

Missionary Christine Riley Stevenson was born on August 18, 1942, to Mr. & Mrs. Sammie Riley. Missionary Stevenson was raised and reared as an only child to the late Mother Mary Riley. Mother Riley taught Missionary Stevenson early on that holiness is right and “God will be to you what you allow Him to be”, as well as other valuable lessons such as, “Once ain’t always”. As Missionary Stevenson witnessed her mother’s untiring faithfulness to the church, Missionary Stevenson was inspired to establish and develop a genuine love for God and His people.


Under the tutelage of the late Pastor David Cane, Missionary Stevenson was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost in 1972. Since that time, Missionary Stevenson has not only been committed and dedicated to the work of the Lord, but has also faithfully served her husband, Pastor Emeritus Stevenson.  Together, both Pastor Emeritus and Missionary Stevenson pioneered and built an outstanding ministry, the Greater Harvest Church of God in Christ.


Greater Harvest Church of God in Christ

2119 14th Ave N

Nashville, TN 37208

Pastor Eric & Lady Andrea Stevenson